Jetstream International offers you customized solutions as per your requirements. Just let us know what you need and our panel of specialists will create the experience the way you desire. If you are looking to charter aircraft’s for large groups, choose from a fleet which includes B737-400, McDonnell Douglas DC9 51, McDonnell Douglas DC9 32, Jetstream 41 aircraft depending on your requirements. Charter service from Jetstream International is the ultimate way to get your pax/cargo from Point A to Point B – swiftly and safely, anywhere in the world. Jetstream International assigns a team of professionals exclusively at your disposal responsible for every detail, from planning to delivery. Jetstream International offers airlift solutions at short notice with appropriate aircrafts. Our strength in Charters is part of our highly customized approach to provide service that is impeccably matched to your individual needs.

Jetstream International provides cost effective aircraft charter solutions in the Gulf and Indian Subcontinent region, operating a fleet of passenger jets. Our regional services are optimized to provide affordable and safe air transportation to even the most difficult areas. Jetstream International prides in its capabilities for safely operating to the regions as diverse as hostile destinations of Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia to leisure destinations of Oman, Yas Island and Egypt. In addition to charter services, Jetstream International has paved the way for civilian operations into hostile environments and accumulated huge experience in operating into countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

Jetstream International’s personnel include a range of aviation experts with a highly motivated and energetic team who are extremely qualified and experienced in dealing with travel to the hostile locations.

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